King Cake Decorating Kit

King Cake Decorating Kit



Let your Mardi Gras creativity run wild with our king cake decorating kit. This King Cake Decorating Kit includes:

- Brioche king cake 

- White icing

- Colored sugars (custom colors available, indicate below)

- One plastic baby

- King cake history and decorating instructions

Each king cake serves approximately 16 people.


In-store pickup available weekdays only, 9:00am-3:00pm. 

  • Instructions/Storage

    Consume king cake within 2-3 days upon receiving for maximum freshness. It will keep best in an air-tight container.

    If you are not going to serve the cake within that time frame, keep sealed and store in the refrigerator (consume within 5 days) or freezer (double wrap box, consume within 3 months. To serve from frozen, defrost king cake at room temperature for about 2 hours). *The icing/sugar may disscolor due to moisture. 


  • Ordering Guidelines

    Online Ordering Guidelines

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    Orders placed on Friday will be first available on the following Tuesday. 


    Missed or Forgotten Pickups

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